Creating Habits of Creativity

Creativity is a sought after skill in business, yet obtaining it is allusive. It is embedded in our DNA, we just have to let it out. Here are some ways to coax your inner creative genius out of hiding.

Seek to make the ordinary strange and the strange ordinary
A good way to start this habit is to brainstorm why something exists or what problem is needing to be solved the reverse engineer the solution

Embrace failure and learn from mistakes
By treating mistakes as a part of the learning process, you open yourself up to the possibility of something more. Try new ideas out. Learn from how they go wrong. Start again, one step closer to the solution.

Be open to different ideas, no matter how out of the box they might be
Listening to ideas from people outside your discipline, will cause you to do things completely different, but the end result will be beyond belief .

Expose your yourself, to great works of art
This one will really stretch you. As you immerse yourself in the creativity of others, you’ll find your brain thinking differently. It’s almost like becoming creative through osmosis. The colors in a painting might inspire a new design. The way a piece of music is written, might drive you to organize your business like a symphony.

Take time to be inspired.

Most importantly, loosen up. Creativity can only get you so far if you're focused purely on results. If you are a visual person, do you brainstorming in colored pencils. If you mostly react to music, play some Beethoven while writing your next report.

The above steps will become apart of who are, if you learn to enjoy yourself while doing them.


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