10 Rules of Engagement

After the past decade of web 2.0, social media marketing has become ubiquitous. With the tools needed to accomplish marketing goals becoming easier for non-marketers to use, it’s time to codify a few things.

While there are many approaches to social media success, there are a certain underlying truths.

I present to you the ten rules of social media engagement

1. Your content should deliver value

2. You should seek to build relationships with your audience and collaborators

3. Don’t fake it until you make it; be authentic

4. Utilize your brand and expose the WHY behind your business

5. Don’t be afraid to show the impact you are having on your audience

6. Loyalty is valuable, recognize your most engaged followers by openly rewarding them

7. Create content that your audience can interact with, either by engagement or sharing

8. All of your content should communicate your message in a consistent way

9. As much as possible, refresh your audience so that you are reaching the right people

10. Moderate your profiles closely to ensure that you provide a safe and valuable experience

These ten simple statements are filled deep meaning for any business playing the long game.

As you develop your social marketing strategy, hold it up to this list. Lacking anyone of these elements could hinder your success.


Thanks for reading. You're time is a valuable resource and I appreciate it. I would love to connect with you further, so feel free to reach out to me on social. 

Andrew SmithComment