Provide Value

The number one rule to successful social engagement is to PROVIDE VALUE. Value is the difference between being helpful and being manipulate. There are three key ways to provide value.

Chances are, you know more about your industry than your customers do. You may even find that there is a huge divide between what your customer wants and what they need.

Take every opportunity to fill that void with your expertise, but avoid shop talk. Try to explain things in a way that an outsider could understand it.

When your customer knows more about your product or service, everybody wins.

The world can kick your butt in 0 seconds flat. The products and services we offer can help, but how do we communicate that?

Checking in with a client long after a transaction or meeting shows you care and encourages them to keep at it.

This will also provide insight into what other customers may be going through. Provide words of encouragement through videos or posts to reach your audience in the trenches.

Most people love a good story. It makes them laugh, or cry, or feel empowered. A good interaction can distract from a bad day or provide hope.

Entertaining your audience is a good way to keep things interesting while still connecting with your audience about your products and services.

But make sure to stay true to your brand. If your company is generally laid back, comedy is great way to go. More reserved? Then delivering inspiration is another way to entertain.

As more people take to the internet to market and conduct business, the global market become noisy. Consistently providing value will allow you to rise above the static and outlast any fad.


Thanks for reading. You're time is a valuable resource and I appreciate it. I would love to connect with you further, so feel free to reach out to me on social. 

Andrew SmithComment