Building Relationships

Building relationships is the backbone of great business. This goes way beyond exchanging business cards or connecting on LinkedIn. Truly investing in the relationships that are made with customer and collaborators not only insures that you remain likable, but it benefits everyone involved in amazing ways. Sometimes, even beyond business.

LISTEN to what the other person wants/needs. Don’t guess. Don’t Assume. Just listen. Chances are, if you listen carefully, you might find that you have nothing to offer, but you know someone who does. Referring someone else can go along way. Both for the connection and the person you referred.

SEEK to delight beyond expectation. It’s cool if you are just a good friend. It makes waves if you’re a great friend. If you LISTEN first, you can find ways to go above and beyond what was expected of you. This helps the relationship go deep, quick.

ELIMINATE self interest from the equation. Transactional interactions are toxic and most people can spot them a mile off. As the great @garyvee has said, you should strive for a 51/49 split. You should be aiming to give more than you get.

SPEND your energy taking care of those around you, not completely on yourself. Clients, co-workers, employees. If you make it your goal to improve the lives those around you, it will return rewards you couldn’t even imagine. But it’s a long game and you need to be fully invested in the aforementioned elements for it to work.

CONNECT your values to your relationships. People like to know what others stand for. It gives them a frame of reference on how to interact with you and can provide some underlying connection if there are shared values. Nothing build relationship quicker than shared values.t


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